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We at The Vigilant recognize that the world is both complex and constantly changing. We are aware that numerous issues, politicians, companies, and products impact our society both positively and negatively, and we understand that as consumers, voters, and individuals, we are the ones that generate change through our behavior. We also know that adjusting our behavior can be difficult and burdensome, but the convenient and inexpensive is frequently more damaging to the many facets of society and the individuals living within. Fortunately, many of us, especially in modern democratic societies have choices when it comes to companies and their products, and political parties and their politicians. The same can be said about non-government organizations (NGO's), who exist to mitigate pressing national and international, usually humanitarian, affairs. 

We at The Vigilant believe that we need to be the change that we want to see, and that we can be that change in small, practical steps. The content that we provide intends inform you, the audience, and present a pathway for change. We will do this by in-depth research into the topic and its effects on society. More importantly, we provide practical tips on how we all, as individuals can take that small step towards a better society by suggesting alternative politicians, businesses, and products. In addition, we will explain how this alternative is more beneficial to our social, political, and natural environment. In regards to general societal issues, we add relevant, and most of all credible NGO's to the end of the article. 

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